From the Editor July 2014

Want to get your home on the cover of NZ House & Garden? You’ll need interesting furniture, cohesive colours. Your space will display a sure sense of style and – most important – it’ll need a fresh twist to grab attention at the news-stand. It’s a big ask. In the past the people behind our [...]


From the Editor May 2014

NZ house & Garden is sometimes called an “interiors” magazine and, on one level, that’s a perfect description. More than any other mainstream magazine, we cover the detail of what’s inside Kiwi homes: cushions and curtains and appliances and carpets and chairs and crockery and paint colours… and so on. When it comes to interiors, [...]

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Sally Duggan & Barbara Barry

From the Editor April 2014

It is, perhaps, a truism to say renowned American designer Barbara Barry is a visual person but, after meeting her on her recent visit to Auckland, I have to say it’s also the true-est and most significant thing about her. I was allocated half an hour with Barbara Barry in a line-up of media appointments. [...]

Sally Duggan - March 2014

From the Editor March 2014

Autumn is coming, and here at NZ House & Garden everyone’s planning their winter escape. Deputy editor Rosemary leaves soon for Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast. A few weeks later, editorial assistant Andrea heads to New York, her Lonely Planet guide bristling with Post-it notes (top of the to-do list: window shopping at Bergdorf [...]

Sally Duggan - February 2014

From the Editor February 2014

I hope you’re having a great summer. I hope the sand warms your feet and the surf foams white. I hope your beach towels turn stiff with the salt of many swims and the smell of barbecued sausages wafts rich on the evening breeze. I am hoping all this not just out of a generalised [...]