Sally Duggan & Barbara Barry

From the Editor April 2014

It is, perhaps, a truism to say renowned American designer Barbara Barry is a visual person but, after meeting her on her recent visit to Auckland, I have to say it’s also the true-est and most significant thing about her. I was allocated half an hour with Barbara Barry in a line-up of media appointments. [...]

Sally Duggan - March 2014

From the Editor March 2014

Autumn is coming, and here at NZ House & Garden everyone’s planning their winter escape. Deputy editor Rosemary leaves soon for Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast. A few weeks later, editorial assistant Andrea heads to New York, her Lonely Planet guide bristling with Post-it notes (top of the to-do list: window shopping at Bergdorf [...]

Sally Duggan - February 2014

From the Editor February 2014

I hope you’re having a great summer. I hope the sand warms your feet and the surf foams white. I hope your beach towels turn stiff with the salt of many swims and the smell of barbecued sausages wafts rich on the evening breeze. I am hoping all this not just out of a generalised [...]

Sally Duggan, Editor NZ House & Garden

Dreams – and differences

There is nothing, but nothing, that fills my bucket more than a summer evening spent at the wooden table on our deck, with the citronella candle lit, talking to Nick about the year ahead. It’s a time when anything seems possible, when I am filled with chardonnay and venison sausages and plans of all sorts: [...]

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Sally Dugan, December 2013

Christmas as you like it

It was a sunny Christmas Eve. My kids were school-aged and I was sitting on the beach watching them and running through mental checklists for the next day (cranberry sauce, Santa sacks, fresh strawberries, wine in the fridge etc). “All sorted for tomorrow?” I asked the very relaxed-looking woman sitting nearby, whose kids were playing [...]


Pantry invaders

There’s wildlife in my pantry. I discovered it last week when I was digging around for a packet of ground rice. Things started moving in the box. I don’t know what you call the little blighters (maybe you can tell me) but they’re minuscule, numerous and highly invasive. And there seems to be only one [...]