Sally Duggan - July 2015

From the Editor July 2015

Years ago, when I was editor of a parenting magazine, we ran a story about a preschooler who was obsessed with eggs. She carried a raw egg cradled in her hands, treated it with awe, never broke it. I loved that story, because the little girl’s reverence made me think for the first time about [...]

Town and Country July 2015

Know your onions

Don’t underestimate the humble onion – would you prefer it battered and crunchy or caramelised in a tart?


From the editor June 2015

The traffic in Auckland this morning was dire and I spent 40 minutes gazing at the personalised number plate on the Mercedes in front of me as I ground down the on-ramp on the northern motorway. “DO IT,” it said. It was a message tailor-made for me. It’s a year since I wrote about an [...]


From the editor May 2015

I learned to spot them. Two women who, despite decades of age difference, wore a familial badge – an identical smile, perhaps, or a perfectly matched fashion sense – and an air of easy pleasure in being together. Over the past month of NZ House & Garden House Tours in Auckland, Cambridge and Wairarapa, I’ve [...]

Sally Duggan - April 2015

From the editor April 2015

Hidden right at the back of my spare room cupboard is a battered brass kettle. Beside it are two beady-eyed fox furs. These are our family treasures – the kettle was inherited from my dad’s family in England; the furs were Nick’s grandmother’s. They are the sort of thing we would grab in a fire [...]

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From the editor March 2015

My daughter’s getting married soon, which has required a lot of shopping. When I dropped in to see her yesterday, she’d just had another package delivered. It had arrived with all the fast-twitch drama of an urgent courier delivery – red van double-parked; driver needing a quick-quick signature on an electronic screen. Inside the package? [...]


From the editor February 2015

It was one of those smug “ta-da” moments. With my visiting friend beside me, I whisked open the door of my son’s super-tidy bedroom. “Ohhh,” she breathed. “Bet that took an argument.” She was right. I’d bickered and cajoled for days to get my then-teenaged son on board for a clean-out that took two hours. [...]