From the editor February 2015

It was one of those smug “ta-da” moments. With my visiting friend beside me, I whisked open the door of my son’s super-tidy bedroom. “Ohhh,” she breathed. “Bet that took an argument.” She was right. I’d bickered and cajoled for days to get my then-teenaged son on board for a clean-out that took two hours. [...]

Sally Duggan - January 2015

From the editor January 2015

My home is a quieter place than it used to be. Most nights my husband, Nick, and I arrive home from work to the cat waiting at the ranchslider and the warm fustiness of a shut-up house. Our son Ben, 23, gets home later. Sometimes he’s right there as I cook dinner, a beer-drinking, bear-hugging roadblock [...]

Sally Duggan - December 2014

From the editor December 2014

It’s easy, in this job of mine, to be overcome by lust for lovely stuff. Right now, for example, I’m in thrall to the white fountain pen on our gift ideas page. I want it so much that I’m almost tempted to put a Post-it note on the page (“Sally’s Christmas present here”) and leave [...]


From the editor November 2014

Tucked away amid the splashy resort-like spaces of the Carliers’ award-winning indoor/outdoor area in Auckland is a tiny enclosed deck: just one chair, looking out to the view. It was used, says homeowner Amanda Carlier, when her son phoned his long-distance girlfriend for a chat. Elsewhere there’s an infinity pool where the Carlier boys frolic [...]

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From the editor October 2014

There are few things in life more satisfying than having exactly the right tool for a job. A sharp knife that surgically slices tomatoes. A non-stick baking tin that plops your cake onto the stand without a stray crumb. A regiment of favourite pens at hand in the top drawer of your desk. A soft-touch [...]